Celebrating Indian Craftsmanship: A Woman-Run Business.

Welcome to Kalakari by Akanksha, a woman-run business that embraces and celebrate the vibrant spirit of Indian fashion. Inspired by rich cultural heritage of India and skilled artisans who bring it to life, our brand aims to create exquisite designs that reflect the essence of our diverse nation.

At Kalakari by Akanksha, we are passionate about preserving and promoting the rich heritage of handmade crafts in India. Our designs are carefully crafted to tell stories- stories of the city, the individual who wear out creations, and the age-old crafts passed down through generation s. Each garment is a masterpiece that waves together to he threads of tradition, creating a visual narrative that pays homage to the artistry of our skilled artisans.

Merging the Traditional and the Modern: A Fusion of Elegance

Kalakari by Akanksha seamlessly blends the traditional and the modern, creating designs that are both timeless and contemporary. We believed in crafting elevated design that prioritise individuality and comfort. Each garment embodies the essence of Indian Craftsmanship while offering a modern twist, allowing the weavers to make statement that reflects their unique style and personality.

We are committed to sustainable practices and conscious production. Kalakari by Akanksha prioritizes the use of natural fabrics and environmental friendly techniques, minimising our impacts on the planet. We believe in creating garments that are not only visually stunning but also ethically made, ensuring a positive and responsible contribution to the fashion industry.